Blonde Maple 54″ Table/Desk

2,900.00 CAD

Made of a uniform blonde maple wood, and featuring eye catching, pronounced segments of deep brown spalting, this piece would be fitting as either a table or office desk.



Inverted Tee Black Steel (powder-coated)



51¾”L x 29 1/8”W x 29 1/2”H, Top ¾” thick

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    Every Forest Table in our collection is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified.


    It’s rare to find someone in North America who both harvests their own lumber from their forest, and crafts tables for sale, but at Forest to Table, I am committed to this unique approach. We carefully select and cut trees or salvage felled wood, following eco-forestry principles to preserve our forest’s diverse ecosystem. With the help of small equipment, friends, family, and local businesses, we harvest logs and bring portable sawmills to our property for milling.


    Our dedication to sustainability extends through our studio workshop, powered by the solar panels on our roof, and the repurposing of discarded hardwood lumber for heating.