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Handcrafted, sustainably sourced hardwood furniture.
Locally harvested from Cape Breton Island’s first eco-certified woodlot.

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About Us

Forest to Table specializes in crafting beautiful solid wood tables using wood from natural forests on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

Whether it's family meals, friendly gatherings, celebrations, or working sessions. They are created by – and for – those who are eco-conscious, and seek to bring a touch of the forest indoors.


Our Process

Our woodworking practices prioritize environmental sustainability at every step.
By selectively harvesting maple,  birch, and beech trees from our own forest property, we’re able to ensure the preservation and vitality of the surrounding ecosystem.

With this lumber, we handcraft each piece into bespoke, sustainable tables and desks.

Why we are unique

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Chafe's Furniture

Our tables are now available to purchase at  Chafe's Furniture in Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia.

Our Story

For years, I held onto the idea of building high-quality, timeless tables. In 2020, the project officially began. The vision being to create these tables like an edition of artwork, rather than mass commercial furniture production.

These unique pieces bring a slice of the outdoors into condos, cottages, offices, restaurants, and cafes.

What our clients say


Not only are the tables amazing, but the sheer scale of this project is astounding.

Matthew and Kyla

Nova Scotia

We absolutely love our new wood coffee table and fits perfectly in our tiny home cottage in front of the fireplace. It is a beautiful piece, solid with lots of little subtle lines that make it a truly unique piece of furniture. We are looking forward to using it for many years to come.


Interior designer
Your work is awesome, and it’s definitely a plus to have someone in the Cape Breton area.